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my name is proxyjackspicer, but everyone just calls me proxy.i draw with markers and usually make fan art of stuff i like,usually involving the slenderverse.
i like slender man related stuff and slender man series like everymanhybrid and tribetwelve and marble hornets.
i also like ghost adventures and the game players pewdiepie and cryaotic.
id really would like if you asked to use my art first before you put it in any videos or whatever.
my education is poor,and i'm also dyslexic so my spelling and reading isn't always that great,but it is something i am working hard on.i'm also dating a wonderful artist who gos by evilshotas,aka daisy pena,.
i currently am watching (yes watching) homestuck and i also take photos and make dolls.

Current Residence: richmond indiana
Favourite cartoon character: jack spicer
i'd be lying if i said creepypasta fandom and the slenderverse fandom are at peace with each other.

but i'd also be lying if i said creepypasta fandom isn't the one at fault here.

creepypasta is a form of copypasta,taking a story and linking it/pasting it somewhere.
example: "reblog this now or this scary person will be in your room tonight!" 
and so on.

while slenderverse is a series of youtube channels involving slender man,and a charicter basted of,but not the same as slenderman called the operator. 

both operator and slenderman are not creepypastas,slenderman is a collection of stories by victor surge,and yes,a story can be published online that is spooky and not be a creepypasta,however they where put on the creepypasta websight.but so are other stories that are not creepypasta. (example: goat man,bunny man bridge and so on.)

the slenderverse also has "proxys" or men in mask who work for,masky and hoody are not actually the proxys in the marblehornets series,nor do they have any connection to slenderman. 
the proxy in the series is called alex,he does not where a mask but he is thought to be controled and part of a chariccter called the operator,who looks like slenderman,minus the tentacles.

the collective are also slenderverse and not creepypasta.they are from a web series called tribetwelve,the most famous one being the observer,aka creepy guy with eyes.

but there are slenderman series and creepypastas that crossover with each other.
everymanhybrid. this series is about slenderman and a character (who's not a creepypasta) called habit,a demonic-like force who can inhabit peoples bodies. habit and slenderman interact with the creepypasta called rake. 
rake also appears in many other slenderverse series. 
there is also many creepypastas where slenderman is present. examples are ticci toby and jeff the killer. (if ticci toby is a creepypasta i'm not that sure because i don't know the creator or story very well.) 

so i hope this clears it up for everyone.

also creepypasta fandom is very bad at posting/rebloging unlinked artwork. which is annoy and mean to do because it is taking someones art and not giving them credit. it's kinda like walking into someones job and taking a shit on their desk. 

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